About Tertulia

Tertulia is a podcast in Spanish about how Spanish is used by real people in the United States to build community, transmit culture, reclaim identity, and exercise rights.

Tertulia is also a word in Spanish that describes what happens when people gather together specifically for conversation. (You can read more about the tradition of tertulias in this Wikipedia article.)

Tertulia is a production of Tertulia LLC, whose mission is to support the use of Spanish as a vibrant language for culture, commerce, and community building in the U.S.


I’m Emily Hunsberger, the creator, producer, and host of Tertulia. A lifelong speaker of Spanish as a second language, I’ve cultivated a unique set of skills that I’ve applied to roles in local community development and international foundation work, teaching, bilingual communications consulting, and audio reporting and storytelling. While I’m formally educated in the norms and traditions of Spanish, I’m also an observer, a listener, and a question-asker. I participate daily in the living, breathing Spanish language. My strengths include an openness to the linguistic variety of Spanish, a desire to understand the narratives and ideologies surrounding it, and a body of work building bridges across its borders. More about Emily >>