Exploring the world of the littlest Spanish speakers

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Querid@s tertulian@s,

In August 2018, my daughter was born, and now I have two little tertulianos at home. As one would expect, I’m more and more interested in topics related to raising bilingual kids.

I didn’t grow up with Spanish spoken in my home, so I’ve had to slowly, and lovingly, search for books, music, nursery rhymes, and other bits and pieces over time to create a nest where Spanish is the (literal) mother tongue. I’m going to share some of my experience and my favorite resources via a new collaboration with MamaLingua, an online community that supports bilingual families.

One of the things I use to season the linguistic mix going on at my house is traditional proverbs or sayings, known as refranes. Before becoming a mom, I knew very few of them, in the same way that I knew very few lullabies in Spanish. So now I’m doing what I did after my son was born: I’m teaching them to myself at the same time as I teach them to him.

You can check out my personal collection of refranes on Instagram @refranescotidianos.

I look forward to sharing more projects and collaborations with you in the coming months.

– EH

Emily Hunsberger

Autora & presentadora de Tertulia. | Creator & host of Tertulia.